"…I don’t want to take up much of your time but I want to lend a voice of support for what you are doing. I hear nothing but positives and the results speak for themselves.

I caught the very end of your appearance on KJLH’s Front Page, and was very disappointed in your dialogue with that gentleman! What has happened in the past has happened and while we should not forget, if we do not understand that ECONOMICS is the key, then we are cutting off our nose despite our face. In my opinion what you are doing is the key to HOPE!!! Forgive me for preaching to the choir but I am a Landlord and it is amazing the money some of my tenants spend on cars jewelry and decorating their homes ( that I can repossess at any given time ) versus homeownership and planning for the future. While I know that saying that is contradictory to my business, I am amazed that the man in question could appose what you are doing!!! As my black Muslim brothers would say, "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY," …we need to get economic power through home ownership, small businesses and planning.

Keep up the good work my brother!!! A partial email message from a listener to KJLH Radio Interview with John Bryant.

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