"I want to thank you and the Operation HOPE staff for energizing my community and my city with your invaluable movement. It was an honor and a privilege to have such a powerful organization with such a passionate spirit for social change inspire Jean Young Middle School, Georgia State University and Atlanta as a whole. My father truly believes that the work of Operation HOPE is the most significant and meaningful cause in America today. We both appreciate you for allowing us to be a part of the Operation HOPE family. We are excited to build on this wonderful beginning and are eager to help advance the Silver Rights Movement in any way possible. A very special thanks to Sheila Kennedy Bryant for sharing you with the nation, Jena Roscoe for her vision and commitment, and Rachael Doff and Wendy Profit for keeping you organized. Aside from being our good friend, you are our leader for social change in the 21st century." God Bless John Bryant and Operation HOPE.


Andrew "Bo" Young, III

President – Young Solutions, Inc.

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