Apr_2005_057 It is nothing short of breathtaking, and humbling, to spend time with civil rights icon, public servant, global social justice leader, and businessman, Ambassador Andrew Young. This is precisely what my sweetie, Mrs. Sheila Kennedy Bryant, myself and Andrew "Bo" Young, III, did earlier today.  Sit, listen….and learn.

What a loving man, with God’s spirit and presence radiating from his very being. Love for mankind, everywhere around him. Amazing….

Before our time together was over, of course he had taught me several new lessons. Most I will simply keep close to my heart, and in my head. But one in particular was instructive for the Silver Rights Movement he and I will call for in America — starting tomorrow.

When I asked him if I was on the right track, in calling for a new movement — building upon and expanding upon the work and necessary successes of the civil rights movement, he told me this. "Yes. Dr. King’s grandfather founded Citizen’s Bank, here in Atlanta! In fact, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. served on the board of that bank until he died." He continued, "Dr. King always believed that the three evils in the world were racism, war and poverty. He never got to finish his work on poverty. Yes, …you are on the right track." It simply doesn’t get any better than that.

Onward, with HOPE

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