February_2005_183Who is that lady that can master the PC and the guitar pic?

Who is that lady that can sooth the secretaries of demanding CEOs and heads of state alike, and swoon an entire room into a peaceful sway…all with the same voice?

Who is that lady with a passion for getting it right (the science of running my office), and doing what’s right (the art of her music and creative expression in general)?

Who is that lady that can follow up on a 100 "Bryant" emails at the same time, without losing her cool or her place, and then focus on the beauty and magic that only 12 notes can bring to life itself?February_2005_181

Who is that lady that can leave the offices of Operation HOPE, ditch the corporate uniform, and put on a wrap and a hat and "hang" with the best of them…and look great both places?

THAT woman, my executive assistant (the best I have ever had, I might add…), my friend, an extended member of the Operation HOPE family, and a new extended member of my family as well, …is one Wendy Profit, or as we like to call her around the corporate offices of Operation HOPE —- "the Profit of HOPE!"

You "go" girl!! We are very proud of you…..

Onward, with HOPE

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