Bryant_and_mom_on_indian_chief_2001 Ahhhhh – the beauty of a first date! And a double date at that!! This photo was taken the same week I purchased my love of the time (now eclipsed by my sweetie of course…), my 2001 Indian Chief motorcycle. On the back, at the annual company picnic for Operation HOPE, the organization I founded, is MY MOTHER!! A brave soul indeed. I took her for a spin out on busy La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, doing about 80 miles an hour, and she never even freaked out! Of course I was careful with her on the back, but she still gets credit for being one of the coolest mom’s in town.

This is basically how the bike came when I purchased it. Full formal dress with while walls, saddle bags and a dual seat and sissy bar on the back. You will see how I have customized and changed it, over and over again.

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