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'How the Poor Can Save Capitalism' Review by Library Journal

In this very readable short work, Bryant (founder of economic empowerment organization Operation Hope; Love Leadership: The New Way To Lead in a Fear-Based World) lays out his proposals to enable America's economically "struggling" classes to take charge of their economic lives. He argues that social class, rather than race, determines whether Americans will succeed or fail in the current political and economic climate. After working his own way out of poverty, Bryant came to believe that self-esteem, solid role models, and an environment that delivers hope and opportunity are the keys to restoring the American dream. He also gives achievable goals to empower people: promoting self-esteem through financial literacy and entrepreneurial spirit; providing inspiration to demonstrate that hard work and persistence pay off; and helping those left behind to find opportunity, not dependence, and to take control rather than submit to impoverishment.

Bryant's work is not ideological, partisan, or a panacea; rather it speaks in plain terms about how individuals, with help from society, can rise up out of poverty. A very uplifting and thought-provoking work.

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