Bryant Up Front and Personal

John Hope Bryant black and whiteThese photos are literally from years and years ago, but in many ways, nothing much has changed with me (spiritually). Maybe I am smarter, and hopefully I am wiser, but I pride myself in being nothing if not simply consistent over all these years.  When you think about it, there is not a lot we can seem to count on in our lives to be consistent, year after year.  I tell all of my real friends, that we will be friends for life, and I mean it.

Everyday that I awake, I try to emerge a better person than I was the day before  I don't always succeed, but I do always try.  It was my friend Bishop Kenneth Ulmer that once said "a saint is a sinner, that got up."  I am always trying to rise, and wherever and whenever I can, to lift others with me. That was the motivation, in part, behind Operation HOPE. When I fail to achieve this goal, please blame it onmy head, not my heart.

Here is a glimpse into my private, or not so private world.  I am honored to share it with you.

Link to John and Sheila's World.

Link to Friends of Bryant.

Link to the secret love affair I have with my Indian Chief.  I remember the first time I told my mother I was riding an Indian, well, you can guess what she thought! Let's just say, she did not think it very dignified (smile).  Now she loves riding my Indian too.

Link to John Hope Bryant on Love and Spirituality.  This is certainly another side of me that most do not see.M_cc5fee2fe6743e98ff7e32283049f05e - Copy

Link to John Hope Bryant Cycling Around the World.  Boy do I love riding that all carbon, 16 lbs. bike.  Miss traveling with it too. 

And here is a link to the real love of and in our lives at the Bryant household ---Little Man.

Link to the John and Sheila Kennedy Bryant Family Foundation.

Here is a link to a Bryant Traveler's Journal, which I really only planned to use when I and we had horrible travel experiences that really needed to be shared as a cautionary tale for others, and a way for airlines to address real gaps in a quality customer experience. Frankly, I am glad not much is here (smile).

Here are some links to a range of photo albums from my personal, passion and family life;  John and Sheila Over the YearsJohn and Sheila's Wedding Day, Christmas with the Bryant's, Family and Friends, The Indian Chief, Cycling Around the World, Little Man's World.

Link to Sheila's World (sorry friends, this one is password protected. My sweetie is a very private person. Smile again).

For those who prefer social networks, you can connect with me on MySpace and Facebook.  I am also a member of Twitter, but don't connect with me there because, frankly, I haven't figured it out yet (smile big time).  Always something new to learn....

Onward with HOPE,

John Hope Bryant


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