Thanks to Chief Instructor Robert Towery, Dez, Mark and Maria Hicks from Chin Motorsports, I had a great time bringing the new Ford Shelby GT350R (Chassis #75) out to Road Atlanta with Chin Motorsports and my fellow drivers. The R performed extremely well, dropping my initial on track times from 1:58 on Saturday morning to a respectable and solid 1:40 for the 2.5 mile track by Sunday afternoon. The car not only had no performance¬†deterioration over two days and 400 miles of constant and hard charging track time, it was obvious that there was plenty of untapped performance talent in deserve: in the suspension and chassis, in the engine, in the brakes and braking system. In short, as was described by a friend on track, 'the car is a beast.' One of my Porsche 911 track friends just kept asking, "are you sure this car is stock?" See more photos of the R on track at Road Atlanta here. John Hope Bryant, Bryant Group Motorsports        

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