JHB and NB at Ford Racing As a benefit of purchasing a one of a kind 2017, Ford Shelby GT350R, which I hope to take possession of in the Fall, I had the opportunity to both attend the Ford Performance Racing School at the Utah Motorsports Campus (otherwise known as the Miller Motorsports Campus) last week. Even more special, I had an opportunity to both drive the Ford Shelby GT350, and later I was able to drive the Ford BOSS302FRS (their full race car). The cars were all amazing, and the experience and race instructors at Ford Performance Racing -- second to none. They pushed us to our limits, while also maintaining the highest safety standards. JHB and NB at Ford Racing The above is a cool shot of me in the same fast paced track shot.  To see the all photos from our time on the track, check out the photo album here at Bryant Group Motorsports on Facebook. JHB at Ford Racing And finally -- the full race car, race track prepped, Ford BOSS302FRS with full race slicks! JHB at Ford Racing          

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