Operation HOPE announces $1 million commitment. Establishes first ever national Virtual HOPE Inside center

November, 2015


Operation HOPE today announced its first ever national (call center based) Virtual HOPE Inside location in partnership with MetaBank.  Or the Virtual HOPE Inside @MetaBank.

This $1 million gift over four years will assist Operation HOPE to establish and support the consumer MetaBank cardholder clients with questions and needs.  Additionally,  this Virtual HOPE Inside location  will help  support select MetaBank partner client companies within the MetaBank network family nationwide; serving as a form of back up resource to their customer service systems.

Read the complete release and public statement here, or feel free to contact Lance Triggs at Operation HOPE for additional information.

Over the past 24 months alone there have been more than 160 pledges, commitments and new operating locations in support of the growing HOPE Inside network. This network, operated as the program and service delivery framework for the non-profit Operation HOPE, exclusively focuses on provided essential financial empowerment services for consumers who make $50,000 or less, nationwide.

All services of HOPE Inside locations are free to the consumer public.

Operation HOPE earned a 4-Star Charity Navigator rating in April, 2015, for transparency and accountability.  The rating confirmed that fully 81% of every dollar raised through Operation HOPE went to empower individuals and communities on the ground.  This designation placed Operation HOPE in the top quartile of all nonprofit organizations in the country.

There is much work to be done.  Let us now be about the business of doing it.

Let's go...

John Hope Bryant

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