How the Poor Can Save Capitalism by John Hope Bryant is Now Released in Paperback

How the Poor Can Save Capitalism is a book about saving America, all of America. On the one-year anniversary of this book it has never been more important that we begin to solve the problem of income inequality. In the book, John Hope Bryant explains his strategy for restoring the American middle class and eradicating poverty. He says, “We must make financial literacy – teaching each and every one of our children the language of money – the new civil rights issue for the twenty-first century America.”

When the book was first published last year there were only three HOPE Inside centers up and running. The book has helped to create a thriving reality that now includes, thirty-one HOPE Inside centers that are up and running in places like, Ferguson, Detroit, and Baltimore. There are 240 more centers on the way. The promise of the book and of John Hope-Bryant is becoming a reality for the poor people in these communities.

Complete release here.

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