JHB profile It does matter whether you are running a small business, a big business, a nonprofit organization, a government department, or frankly, even a household. In today's day and age, everyone needs to have an 'entrepreneurial mindset.' An entrepreneurial mindset simply means 'a way you look at the world.' It means being positive, always looking for opportunity in your life, even in the midst of problems. It means seeing the glass of life as being 'half full,' versus half empty. It means looking over, under, around and through problems to find your resolution. It means never giving up, because your family is depending on you not to. It means understanding that most everyone has 'too much month at the end of their money,' and so we always have to find creative solutions to our challenges. It means not just being content to survive, but to thrive too. It means redefining success, as 'going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.' So no, everyone does not need to be an entrepreneur, and the reality is that most people probably should not be. But everyone -- should have an entrepreneurial mindset. Let's go... John Hope Bryant            

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