IMG_2697 About two weeks ago my mentor, personal hero and friend, Ambassador Andrew Young, asked me to gather together some suits I don't wear anymore and to donate them to some young men at the Walter & Andrew Young YMCA here in Atlanta, Georgia. This is something I was happy to do, but the bonus for them -- and I didn't realize it until I actually arrived -- was them seeing my newly unveiled Mansory Lotus Evora GTE. The young men got the suits, and half of them have already left for college, but as you can see from the photos in this post and in the Flickr album from the visit, here, the real pleasant surprise was seeing all of these young kids light up as if it were Christmas before the Evora. The car totally captured their imagination, and most meaningful to me -- brought a smile to the faces of some young people who in many cases, have had a pretty rough time growing up. IMG_2676 This is our future, and they deserve all the inspiration and encouragement, and investment, that we can muster.  Thank you Ambassador Andrew Young, and you Dr. Walter Young, and you Ms. Diane Baker King -- for making a difference.  Every day. John Hope Bryant  

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