IMG_0615 After 23+ years of me doing this work, in and for underserved communities across the nation, and around the world, it took our partner Mutual of Omaha Bank to get me and us on the ground in Las Vegas. We will inaugurate a new HOPE Inside location (the first of many from HOPE) serving underserved and transitioning Las Vegas, tomorrow morning at 10am, and tomorrow evening Mutual of Omaha Bank and a prominent local Host Committee will convene a special 'silver rights' discussion around my new bestselling book, "How The Poor Can Save Capitalism: Rebuilding the Path to the Middle Class," for leadership Las Vegas. A special thank you to Jeff Schmid, CEO of Mutual of Omaha Bank, Stephanie Couser and the entire team at Mutual.  Also, a special thank you to Host Committee Co-Chairs for Las Vegas, former Las Vegas mayor Jan Jones Blackhurst, now EVP for Ceasars Entertainment Group, and Dr. Robert Green, a former aide to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., now living in Las Vegas. For more information on both events, contact Amber Hall or Rachael Doff of Operation HOPE. Okay, let's go... John Hope Bryant  

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