IMG_0820 I was honored to return to Chautauqua Institute this week, speaking in the main amphitheatre, but this time I went much deeper into the message of my latest bestselling book, "How The Poor Can Save Capitalism." I went deeper into the work  and solutions provided by and through Operation HOPE, the organization I founded following the Rodney King riots of 1992 in South Los Angeles. I went deeper into the movement we are embarking upon -- which we call 'silver rights' -- and the role we all need to play in the future, helping to 'deliver the Memo' to this generation, and generations unborn. I went deeper into the history of the Freedman's Bank, chartered in 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln after the civil war to 'teach freed slaves about money.' This is the 150th anniversary of the Freedman's Bank's birth. I went deeper into how what's going now impacts everyone, and not just black, brown and poor people. I went deeper into how this is a global issue, not restricted to the borders of the United States of America, and her poor urban neighborhoods. Just turn on the television, and what you will see -- almost universally around the world -- are frustrated, young, internet connected, unemployed, pissed off young people with nothing productive to do. I also covered the not-so-obvious connection between issues of money, free enterprise and corrupt enterprises, and what happens when young people and opportunity for aspiration are disconnected, at scale. The world knows this phenomena as ISIS, which is nothing more than a modern day criminal enterprise, presenting itself to the world as something religious. We have a lot of challenges we need to deal with in the world, but we must deal with issues which create other issues, first.  And when we rob millions of people in America, and a couple billion around the world, from the opportunity to pursue their aspirations and their self-determination, we set the world up for failure, at scale. What we need now, once again, is a world based on a simple concept -- hope. For more information on the 150th Anniversary Freedman's Bank Tour, you can track the Tour here. For more information on our work to complete what Lincoln started, and possibly get involved, check and track our work around Project 5117 here. Okay, let's go... John Hope Bryant  

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