JHB's newly developed Mansory Lotus Evora BSE

JHB’s newly developed Mansory Lotus Evora BSE

I can think of few better Father’s Day gifts, than how I will be spending my early Sunday morning on Father’s Day.

My newly developed and completed Mansory Lotus Evora BSE, was selected to be featured in the Caffeine & Exotics Car Show on Father’s Day, today from 8am to 11am at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. A special thank you to Mike McConville, owner of Magnum Collision, Jason Cummins, owner of Buckhead Imports, Tony Marzullo, owner of Gas Motors, CarTunes and the others who helped to bring this special project to life.  I am told that this is quite possibly the most unique Lotus Evora in the United States today. Let’s see what the fans say tomorrow.  More photos to come.

A special thank you also to Floyd Baptist, owner of Last Detail, who helped to prepare the car this weekend.

Mansory Lotus Evora BSE - Front View

Mansory Lotus Evora BSE – Front View

If you are in the city today, you are welcome to come out to Caffeine & Exotics and be thrilled by the more than 200 exotic, collectable automobiles that will be in display on Father’s Day.

Here is the Flickr album on the new Mansory Lotus Evora GTE overall.

In fact, if you want to make dad happy — bring your father with you (smile)!

John Hope Bryant


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