John Hope Bryant Speaking at CGI Africa

According to Gallup, 2 out of 100 individuals in America can build 'something of significance,' and 5 out of 1,000, if identified early and given good mentoring, environment and guidance, have the ability to create something great, that changes the way we live.

Think about the biggest employer in your city or state, or the think tank that was founded where you live that solved some horrible disease, or the nonprofit that rose from an idea and changed the world. I am presently in Denver, Colorado for the CGI America meeting led by my friend former President Bill Clinton, and there are probably no less than 500 young people walking around this city -- and in the city's school system -- that could 'change everything.'  But the question is -- who has identified these young people?  We certainly know who the sports stars are.  We can even tell you their names, city by city. Something to think about. John Hope Bryant      

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