By By Courtney L. Teague
The HOPE Global Forum 2015 convened in Atlanta along with numerous other milestone events on Saturday, Ja. 17.  The HOPE Global Forum annual meeting assembled diverse leaders from private sector, federal government, state government, local government, and various communities. The forum was a think-tank meeting to outline a vision for the world’s modern day global economy. That vision includes all people no matter their socioeconomic status. Thousands of change agents filled the Omni Hotel Downtown. The change agents gathered for the common theme: “Reimagining the Global Economy: Expanding Free Enterprise for All.” Participants came from as far away as Abu Dhabi to attend the notable conference.
Brent Neiser of National Endowment for Financial Education described The Global Forum as “A place where thoughtful activism challenges opportunity with personal finance. It keeps people up at night on all levels, fusing, public policy, business, entreprenurship and financial capabilities. The forum is a unique powerful combination that is absolutely necessary in today’s society.
Posted by Natasha Eldridge, Office of the Chairman

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