Jhamasa Lewis – Carrying Out HOPE’s Mission with Banking on Our Future

November, 2014

By Jhamasa Lewis

Photo-17_1-322x430My week as a fashion design student and fellow at Operation HOPE started off intense as usual, but surprisingly it ended with a rewarding calmness. On October 3, 2014 I taught my very first Banking On Our Future session with Mike Sokolowski. For two weeks I prepared activities and a lesson plan geared on how I would execute teaching my peers about financial empowerment and dignity. My plan was to connect realistically with the intention of relieving frustration concerning financial literacy. When I arrived to the class I was excited to get started!

Most participants were receptive and their engagement was encouraging to say the least. It gave me fulfillment to know how involved they truly were; they asked questions and provided real life experiences that related to the topic on hand. My session was awesome because the learning atmosphere was diverse. Many people came to support, observe and inadvertently fill in on the areas in which I was less educated (banking). I believe every fellow should share this experience. It’s almost seems like a natural requirement to carry out the HOPE mission.


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