How The Poor Can Save Capitalism 100 City Book Tour Continues


OHI AmberHello, my name is Amber Hall and I currently serve as the Assistant Vice President of Administration at Operation HOPE.  When I was first asked to assist with the How The Poor Can Save Capitalism 100-City Book Tour, I leapt at the chance to further the work of this great organization. My role has recently expanded to include Book Tour Project Manager.  This position has given me the opportunity to work with one the most brilliant mind's this generation has seen.

How The Poor Can Save Capitalism is more than Operation HOPE’s work authored by its Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant.  This book is often referred to as The Memo, because its message, one of liberation and empowerment, has been a catalyst for expanding my views and has radically challenged me to reevaluate my biased opinions on poverty. It has given me the opportunity to reimagine stereotypical images of young people who are thought to be lazy or lacking in work ethic.  A new illustration of young men and women is depicted.  It is an illustration, for young people who have the potential to be ingenious if given positive role models, financial empowerment and dignity. It is important work and I am honored to be a part of it.

As of today’s date, The Memo has been delivered to 25 cities, three countries and translated into four languages since the release on June 2, 2014. This “movement” and the completion of the 100-City Book Tour will take us well into the year 2016. As the newly appointed book tour project manager, it is my purpose to continue to spread this life-changing material to the masses.  Delivering The Memo will not be considered a luxury for a few but the blue print for everyone. Widespread access to this information is the goal for the 100-city book tour. Many years from now we will reflect on this time and proudly proclaim that The Memo was delivered, not solely to the 1% percent, but to ALL.

I count it a privilege to dedicate my efforts to this moment in history by furthering the message and the mission of HOPE through the How The Poor Can Save Capitalism 100-City Book Tour. If you are interested in joining the movement and bringing The Memo to your city, please contact me or 213-309-2763.

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