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What if we could reconnect the power of aspiration with the power of education in our children's lives? What if students in grades 4-12 could start a business for $50-500? What if they could get a financial literacy course and a course in dignity, connected with a primer course in entrepreneurship?

They could select from 25+ businesses that can be started for $500 or less, pitch their idea for this business in front of a live audience of role models from their community, get a HOPE Business In A Box Youth Entrepreneurship Grant, a business role model, and even a savings account–how would that change their lives? How would that bring the power of aspiration and imagination, and hope back to their educational experience?

We think the Gallup-HOPE Index, a donation to America‚Äôs schools from Gallup and Operation HOPE, could measure all of this on the front-end, middle, and the back-end. We think it changes everything…

Introducing HOPE Business In A Box.  More about the Advisory Board Co-Chair and her professional endeavors here.

See more on HOPE Business In A Box here, and to get involved, contact the the Office of the Advisory Board here.

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