by Amelia Casillas, Program Manager, Fellows, Interns and Loaned Executives (FILE)

2012 Los Angeles HOPE Fellows Meet Lionel Savage

2012 Los Angeles HOPE Fellows Meet Lionel Savage

A special thank you this month to HOPE Mid-Atlantic Board Chair Mr. Lionel Savage and First American Financial Corporation. They recently donated$16,500 to the FILE program, ensuring roles for future Fellows through 2013.

Since FILE’s inception almost two years ago, Mr. Savage and First American have consistently contributed generous donations to the program. To date, their total contribution has been $166,500!

Mr. Savage and First American’s direct, substantial investments in Operation HOPE’s Fellowship and Internship program have continually seen positive returns, as students complete the program and move on to more success. I sat down and talked with three previous HOPE Fellows to learn how Mr. Savage and First American’s contributions have enriched their lives.

Lionel Savage and First American: Making FILE Possible | Operation HOPE Blog.

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