When asked can we stamp out poverty in our generation…

'(We can begin to stamp out poverty) when the current poor take actions not to be tomorrows poor, 
and global political policies and corporate objectives focus on not creating poor people.'

Fred D. Smith, President, HOPE Coalition America, a division of Operation HOPE

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  1. The first step in achieving this necessary endeavor is when you find compassion leadership who care about the less fortunate among us. Second, when you revamp the present Education System to focus more on developing critical thinking leaders, innovators and pioneers instead of creating test driven machine that has no creative ability to force positive changes in their own life. Third, is to provide a healthcare prevention system that is free for all. Fourth, and the most important you must get the less fortunate to understand that keeping their environment clean is the beginning of eliminating poverty because it shows a level of ownership. That is the only way to get the poverty-stricken communities to buy into changing their own condition by achieving small goals first in their own lives.


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