I was honored to attend the Water Keepers annual conference this weekend, as the personal guest of Laura Turner-Sedel and Rutherford Seydel.  I had an opportunity to not only listen to the very substantive message of the organization's president (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.), but to spend some quality time sharing our mutual vision for a world better.  Mr. Kennedy from his environmental (civil rights) justice perspective, mine from a financial and economic (silver rights) empowerment for all perspective.

Both approaches wholly focused on a global movement that underscores and restores the hope of human dignity for all; for future generations.  And we both were able to make a case for the baseline enlightened self-interest of current and future leaders, even from a sustainable business perspective.  

As for his public remarks, they were brilliant.  Some corporate and some government interests may disagree with some of his approach, but it is hard to argue with his logic, nor the facts. And his sincerity and authenticity of approach is beyond reproach.  A very special evening, and a very special leader.

A special thank you to Ms. Natasha L. Foreman, MBA, who attended this special evening with me, on behalf of Operation HOPE.

John Hope Bryant



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