We are pleased to deliver the inaugural results of the Gallup-HOPE Index Report 2011 - the first ever national audit that will change what we know about the current state of entrepreneurship, innovation, and financial literacy among the 30 million 5th through 12 graders in America. 
A little over two years ago John Hope Bryant and Jim Clifton of Operation HOPE and Gallup respectively, began to dream big about a tool that could be used to learn more than ever before about what our young people are thinking and the direction in which they are headed.  They realized these 30 million middle school and high school students are our incoming players in a global war for jobs that is as challenging and complex as any war the U.S. has ever fought.  Therefore it is mission critical to do all that we can to properly equip them for the battle. 
Empowered by the findings from the Gallup-HOPE Index, city leaders, organizations, community resources, and individuals endeavoring to make a difference can offer guidance in strategic ways that drive transformational change.  As Jim Clifton and John Hope Bryant point out in the enclosed report, “So go these youth economic metrics, so goes the United States economy — and along with it goes our global competitiveness and whether the U.S. can remain the leader of the free world.”
Our future is in the hands of youth, and in this report you will learn exactly what they are experiencing and being exposed to.  And perhaps even more revealing, what they are not being exposed to.  Our call to action is to be creative and innovative as we learn to understand and empower the spirit of our future.

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Read the full Gallup-HOPE Index Report 2011 here.

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