I am so proud to share that my mentor, friend and our Operation HOPE 5MK co-chair, Quincy Jones, will be honored on Wednesday, December 15th , by the Los Angeles Unified School District with the ribbon-cutting and renaming of the new Quincy Jones Elementary School and Synergy Charter Academy. 

This new LAUSD elementary school is located in LA's Historic Jazz Corridor and focuses on jazz music and arts education.  It is designed to be a model for other public elementary schools in urban, low-socioeconomic communities that demonstrates high student achievement and success through music and arts education. Of course, Operation HOPE will make sure that all the tools we have available to empower youth are there too, at no cost to children, families or the school district.

The opening of the school marks a new era of quality education and state-of-the-art facilities for Los Angeles students who suffer immensely from the cutbacks of California's state budget for education. There is also a charter school on campus, and both schools have created a unique model where they are working collectively to support all children.   Because the two schools are working together so well, they have recently been recognized as a model partnership between a charter and public school. 

Congratulations to Principal and music educator Steve Venz and everyone who has worked so hard to make this possible for our children!

A special bravo to my friend Madelyn Bonnot and everyone at the Quincy Jones Foundation.


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