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Let me start by saying I love my country, America, and that is why I want to push her to "be better."

If you love someone, you push them to be better, and to be the best they can possibly be.

If you love yourself, you strive for excellence in everything. You don't settle.

If you love something, whatever it is, you work hard at it, and you apply yourself.

If you love your children, you work hard and sacrifice to give them what they need, and not simply what they want. You work hard to make the right choices. You tell your children, through your choices and actions, "I would rather you respect me, and learn to like me, than to like me, and never respect me."

If you love your mate, or your chosen profession, or almost anything else, you work hard at making it work; at making it successful.

Nothing good in this life comes easy. Even the Bible says in Proverbs, "to be poor is not to not have anything, but to not do anything, and lazy hands make a man poor..." It appears that God had no use for slackers either.

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