I was honored this morning to join my friend Elder Bernice King at Ebenezer Church, as she spoke on "A New World" in Christ, waiting to be born. As she spoke for the first time in 15 years at her childhood church, Ebenezer, home to her late mother and father Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and her mother Coretta Scott King, you could see that THIS person is truly living her truth. It is also obvious that she is a powerful, authentic and inspired agent of God Almighty. "It's not you and me," or "being comfortable," but it's about being an agent for the Lord. This morning, with her brother Martin L. King, III, his wife Arndrea King, and their daughter, her niece, present -- Elder Bernice King brought home a message that may have made many "uncomfortable." a radical Christianity is what she came to preach, and that is the message we all needed to hear. Me too. So proud of you friend. Elder Bernice King, you are living your truth, and in so doing, helping to change our world -- tilting it back towards a spirit, an energy, a culture of "the greater good." In HOPE, and with so much pride, John Hope Bryant

Elder Bernice King Brings the Word of a New Day at Ebenezer Church

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