Debbie_with_the_mayor_of_glendale_0One of my two assistants at Operation HOPE (my other assistant is Leslie Alessandro) gave her second speech recently which I wanted to recognize her for.  She has come a long way in her life, and I could not be more proud of her. Here she is photographed following her speech with the Mayor of Glendale, John Drayman.

Here is her testimony, in her own words:

"Well, today's event turned out to be a success and I was able to do a pretty good job on speaking.  I wasn't so nervous about speaking to an audience but I worried about the 15 minute allotted time they gave me and how I was going to manage watching the clock as I shifted from before homelessness, to being homeless, to the steps that came after in getting back on my feet.

I asked the Director of PATH Achieve Glendale to flag me when I had 5 minutes left but I didn't need the signal.  It came off fine and all that worry was for nothing.

A reporter for the Glendale News pulled me aside and gave me a one-on-one interview.  He said that it will be in the paper on Monday so if you get the LOS ANGELES TIMES, look for the Glendale News section inside and let's see what he had to say about the event.  I'm sure he will talk about PATH Achieve Glendale, and Pacific BMW for donating a brand new car for the raffle to raise money for PATH Achieve, and the appearance of the mayor.  Maybe I'll even be in there, who knows? It was a lot of fun and I hope that I have the opportunity to do more of them."

Signed, the geat Debra Collins (that was was from me - smile)

Debra Collins is an inspiration to us all.

John Hope Bryant

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