Germany_053_7On December 5th, 2006, I had the honor of joining my mentor, personal hero, and the global spokesman of Operation HOPE, Ambassador Andrew Young, as he convened and I spoke before the Africa Forum, hosted by the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics, with a focus on "African Entrepreneurship."  It was a great gathering of leaders from around the world, focused on the future of Africa. A future alive with opportunity for all.

My remarks, captured in this audio file (also available as a free podcast download at iTunes - simply search my name), focused on the topic "How Capitalism and Free Enterprise Works, and How It Can Be Made to Work for the Poor." This speech is part of my evolving global portfolio, and plan, around the "silver rights" movement for the 21st century.

Enjoy, I hope. Of course, let me know what you think...

Download bryant_speaks_before_the_african_ent.m4a


John Hope Bryant

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